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Commercial Audio Video Systems

Commercial Audio Video Systems

The use of background music in restaurants, retail stores and health spas has proven to be an excellent investment. The music can be used to set a mood, provide a soothing ambiance and to mask intrusive background noise. Improvements in speakers, amplifiers and music sources have enabled AVI to install full frequency range background music systems with sound quality that approaches home music systems.
Music sources include CD Libraries, cable TV and satellite music services and computer hard drive based music servers. AVI has provided the design, installation, upgrading and service of commercial sound and video systems for a wide variety of customers in the New York area.
The experienced team at AVI is a solutions provider, employing a uniquely experienced design staff designing and implementing electronics systems. To ensure an efficient installation process, every installed system is carefully documented, including the wiring and the manner in which your specific components are connected together. This significantly facilitates efficient and fast service when needed.
Audio Video Invasion has a dedicated technical support department that is on call 24/7.
We are always on call to service your every need.

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Corporate Audio Video Systems


AVI can automate your Corporate Boardroom or Conference Room for effective presentations and meetings. When your corporate environment requires audio/video, telecommunication and integrated control systems, you need to ensure that you are making a wise investment that will adjust to your requirements as technology and your needs change.
Corporate environments have varying needs, from internal uses such as board meetings, executive communications and training, to external uses like sales and marketing. AVI understands these requirements and can develop accustom solution to accommodate any business culture or architectural vision.
From multimedia conference rooms to secure video teleconferencing to simple paging systems; we can design and implement cost effective and flexible solution to meet your long-term needs.
AVI creates custom audio, video, and lighting solutions for any size business. Our design and installation teams maintain a solid track record of customer satisfaction and repeat business. The integration of video teleconferencing, information technology and high quality audio/visual components requires constant evaluation and training. User friendly operation is the key element to the success of corporate integrated systems.
We are always on call to service your every need.

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Home Theater Systems

Home Theater Systems

Dedicated Theater Room Solutions - Home Cinema
Since the late eighties where the home theater concept entered the home, there have been many variations of type, look, feel and budget when it comes to Home Cinema solutions.
At AVI we believe that the best client is an educated client. There are different types of custom home theater systems. A Dedicated Home Theater Room is a room that its sole purpose of existence is to please visually and acoustically. A room like that has been designed to have a fixed placement of seating and speakers.
A home theater system in your Den does not need to be as elaborate and refined as a dedicated home theater room. Since the layout of seating and acoustics is not fixed it is crucial that extra consideration in speaker placement is taken as well as seating arrangement. We understand the different applications throughout your home which is why we design every home theater system independently and not one of them is the same.
In any application the fundamentals stay the same. A home theater system is not meant to be a Large Display combined with a loud stereo system. Speaker placement has to be implemented carefully and the speakers must blend with the room decor. Room acoustics also have to be taken into consideration for the final result to be a success. Finally, control is one of the most important elements for you to get the maximum use out of your home theater system.
It is vital that the universal remote control is programmed properly and its interface is what we like to call child's play. Only then we feel that a job is complete, if there are no question marks as to what is happening when any given button on that remote control is pressed. Let us consult you and educate you before you make any decision and let yourself be part of your home theater design process.

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